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HEFTY™ Die Springs

hefty die springs

HEFTY™ Die Springs are heavy duty metal compression springs manufactured using round wire, specifically designed to be used as Die Springs or as heavy duty coil springs in any high stress, heavy load application.

Lee Spring's HEFTY™ Die Springs are generally priced at 1/3 to 1/2 less than the cost of comparable rectangular wire springs, offering users a distinct value advantage. In independent testing conducted by the Institute of Spring Technology, Lee Spring's HEFTY™ Die Springs demonstrate a life-expectancy equal to traditional rectangular wire Die Springs. The Institute of Spring Technology (IST) is the UK based unique center of excellence for all kinds of spring research, offering a wide range of services to the spring industry covering all aspects of springs, spring technology and testing.

Features and Benefits of HEFTY™ Die Springs

  • Shot-peened for extended life.
  • Preset to prevent length loss in operations.
  • Powder Coated for corrosion resistance and color coded for ease of identification.
  • Closed and Ground Ends to provide appropriate squareness and adequate large bearing surface and will stand on either end.


HEFTY™ Die Springs are not solely used in dies but applications such as oil and gas drills, clutches, brakes, farm machinery and aircraft mechanisms. They are ideal for use as heavy duty compression springs for any high stress, heavy load application.

Tips for Selecting and Using Die Springs

  • Determine if springs will be used for short run, average cycle long run, rapid cycle or extra stress.
  • Use as many springs in the die as space permits with the least amount of deflection.
  • The more rapidly a spring is cycled, the greater the need to operate within the ideal operating range.
  • Make sure hole and rod sizes are properly matched with the spring. Faulty spring guidance will cause buckling and possible spring failure.
  • Preventive maintenance on dies should be performed on a regular basis and die springs should be replaced at appropriate intervals to prevent downtime.
  • Replace all springs in a die at the same time. This will insure an even distribution of the load.
  • Do not rework die springs by grinding the inside or outside diameter or by cutting off coils. This could result in premature spring failure and possible die damage.


Lee Spring offers FIVE color-coded families of HEFTY™ Die Springs, based on Load.

Medium Load: Color Code Gray

Medium Plus Load: Color Code Beige

Medium Heavy Load: Color Code Purple

Heavy Load: Color Code Black

Extra Heavy Load: Color Code Orange


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