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Stainless Steel Springs Ideal for Corrosion Resistance

stainless steel springs

Stainless steel springs are a great choice for applications that require corrosion resistance or for higher temperature environments. Stainless steel springs are available in stock and ready to ship, or custom made to your specifications. Lee Spring has thousands of stock stainless steel compression, stainless steel extension, stainless steel torsion, stainless steel belleville and specialty stainless steel springs available from our large inventory ready for same day shipping and immediate delivery. Lee Spring’s stock and custom stainless steel springs are used in a wide variety of industries such as:

  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceutical delivery devices
  • Petro-chemical processes
  • Aerospace
  • Marine industries
  • Locks and security devices
  • Hardware
  • Firearms
  • Lighting and electrical controls
  • Communication devices
  • Testing and measurement
  • Automotive
  • Computer components
  • Precision Instruments
  • Electronic devices
  • Small pumps and small valves

Need a custom designed stainless steel spring? Lee Spring can engineer and manufacture stainless compression springs, stainless extension springs, and stainless torsion springs in small or large quantities, no minimums.

Stainless Steel Materials Used in Spring Manufacturing

There are four common grades of stainless steel used in spring manufacturing. Depending on the application, a Lee Spring engineer can assist you in selecting the correct material for your application. Some areas to consider when selecting the right material are corrosive properties that interact with the spring and temperature in and around the application.

Stainless Steel 302
General purpose corrosion and heat resistant spring wire. Slightly magnetic.
Maximum Operating Temperature: 550° F (288° C)

Stainless Steel 304
General purpose corrosion and heat resistant spring wire. Slightly magnetic. Type 304 has less carbon than Type 302, however considered commercially equivalent for stock springs.
Maximum Operating Temperature: 550° F (288° C)

Stainless Steel 316
General heat resistant spring wire and better corrosion resistance than Type 302/204. Slightly magnetic. Often used in marine applications, resists chloride attack.

Maximum Operating Temperature: 550° F (288° C)

Stainless Steel 17-7 PH
Improved strength over 300 Series stainless steels with similar heat and corrosion resistance. Slightly magnetic. Material is precipitation hardened after spring fabrication to achieve desired properties.
AMS 5678
Maximum Operating Temperature: 650° F (343° C)

To learn more about all of the various spring materials commonly used for springs, visit our Spring Materials page. 

Stock Stainless Steel Springs Available for Immediate Delivery

Lee Spring offers many stock series springs in various spring types made with stainless steel materials. There are stock springs offerings in stainless steel 302, stainless steel 316, 17-7PH, 300 series and 302 DFARS. Stock stainless steel springs are available from inventory and available for immediate delivery. Lee Spring stock stainless steel springs include a passivated finish for additional corrosion resistance at no additional cost. In addition, Lee Spring offers stainless steel spring kits with an assortment of springs in various sizes. We offer free standard ground shipping on qualifying stock spring orders, free passivation, expert engineering assistance, live customer support service and much more.

Lee Spring stock springs are offered in Stainless Steel materials include:
Compression Springs
     Instrument Series
     Lite Pressure™ Series
     Standard Series
     Heavy Duty Series
     High Pressure Series
     REDUX™ Wave Series
     DIN-Plus Series
     Mil Spec MS-24585 Series
Extension Springs
     Instrument Series
     Standard Series
     Mil Spec MS-24586 Series
Torsion Springs
Belleville Washers
Constant Force Springs
Continuous Length Extension Springs

Custom Stainless Steel Springs Made to Your Specification

Lee Spring can manufacture custom stainless steel springs to meet your specifications for all your projects. We offer engineering support from design through production, extensive stainless steel and other material and finish options and global manufacturing and distribution. In addition, we can support your project with CAD assisted product design, governmental and industrial regulatory expertise and prototypes through large production runs. Lee Spring offers advanced capabilities and a wide variety of options for your micro spring manufacturing needs such as; advance quality control systems, regulatory expertise including RoHS, REACH and DFARS, CAD assisted product design, in-house prototype production services and global supply chain network. Simply request a quote today or contact a Lee Spring Engineer for design assistance or to answer any questions to help start your custom spring project.

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